Let us straight and be true, many investors took a blow during the past weeks and months due to Covid-19 outbreak. As a matter of fact, this was the longest bullish market in history that came to a halt. There are numerous portfolios from different investors have been shaken. So in regard to this matter, what is the appropriate action that investors should be doing?

It is true that fear is prevalent in market today and times such as these do present lucrative opportunities for those investors who are willing to take the risk, just as what famous investor Warren Buffet has stated. Sure enough, there is a chance we have not reached yet from the negative trend of the market. Figuring to time the market on the other hand is quite a foolish move. It is almost impossible to foresee when fear will be eliminated and substituted by greed.

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Berkshire Hathaway

Indeed, like many other companies in the market today, Berkshire Hathaway has taken a blow as well from the outbreak of Covid-19 and the crash of stock market. Furthermore, other segments of the business from insurance, subsidiaries and equity holdings were stricken by the sudden shift in macroeconomics.

But as per reports, current financial update of the company totals to over 125 billion dollars. This is serious money in hands of one of the best capital allocators the world has ever had. This only show that Warren Buffet along with his legion of investment experts meticulously scour the market to close attractive investment opportunities during economic downturn.


Another tech giant company that seems to have unlimited pool of money and can take whatever is thrown at them. While the company certainly suffered as well from poor sales performance of their production as well as closure of stores because of the pandemic, their stock began to take a dive of around 14 percent since February 19.

But that isn’t the sole source that Apple has for their profits. Believe it or not, they have successfully built a formidable business that is not dependent on product sales alone. This area helps Apple in offsetting any hit that their hardware section takes. They are taking revenue as well from Apple Pay, Apple Music, iCloud, App Store, Apple TV+, AppleCare and several other services.

All in all, “services” segment of Apple accounted for a total of 18 percent revenue and a 30 percent gross profit.