Yes, it is true that trading stocks over the web is all in the rage today. While there are many trading platforms that a trader can get themselves into, we can’t take out the fact that there are risks involved too. Few of the issues that you must watch out include the following:

Identity Theft

This is one of the least appreciated issues when it comes to online trading. Oftentimes, it is an inside job. The reason for this is that, people working within the organization have full access to your information. When you are trading stocks online, there is a real potential for an insider in compromising your valuable assets.

Malware and Viruses

Normally, the primary purpose of malware and viruses is for installing spyware on the computer or device. Hackers can take advantage of this to have access to your information just like passwords. One way that they are doing this is to install spyware that allows them to get the key logs.

Through this, hackers can see your keystrokes and have them access to your information.


Back in 2017, there were 1579 recorded data breaches. This is a 44 percent increase from last year. This is a serious financial problem in the institution.

So when trading online, make it a point that you have done your research to steer clear of these problems.