In general, there are two kinds of investors that are lurking in the market. These investors are what filling most of demographics of both sellers and buyers over different markets and commodities around the globe.

Which Type Do You fall into?

One type of investor is known as an active investor. These investors are those who want to be in control over their portfolio and dictate the trends of investment and picking commodities as well as markets to penetrate. They are also capable of creating strategies to make the best use of their money.

The second type of investor is the more conservative ones but, their accounts command passive solution in beefing up their main income.

Such investors are looking way too far ahead while still having control of their account. Most of the time, they are buying futures or long term commodities and make money from the difference it has.

Working Smart

Then again, there are those who prefer opening a managed account either in a known brokerage or bank to which they give financial operators the permission to manage their account and take out a percentage of the profits made. This is actually perfect for those who want to jump into trading but still needs more time to learn the process.