One of the known reasons for market failure is its inherent complexity that’s excluding untrained users. This level of complexity could be reduced by means of learning how to adapt to market rules or by just simplifying user interface.

It’s an Issue to be Addressed

In fact, just recently, researchers have begun addressing this topic and pinpointed the need for merging the market and the interface design. So far, it has remained unclear on how to design a user-friendly interface for the market.

When talking about trading, traders are given with the power of customizing their trading interface as per their informational needs and other personal preferences.

The Rationale Behind


It’s quite surprising to know that there’s an average increase in information that has reduced the trading performance. One simple explanation for this effect may lie on the cognitive theory. Showing more information helps in boosting the cognitive load of the participants and as a result, it may reduce the trading performance. This helps in distinguishing the trade behavior and performance and thus, providing insights into interplay between a trader’s decision making and information acquired.

Lastly, it is tracking the influence of individual information elements and identifying those that has declined or improved trading performance.