The cryptocurrency market is always compared to the stock market as if they were the same. In 2017, many traders thought cryptocurrency and stock markets were the same thing. They assumed that cryptocurrencies were just a new breed of penny stocks. While there are some similarities, these two species are quite different.

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What are the similarities between cryptocurrency and stock markets?

First, both markets work the same way. In the simplest case, the price of both is determined by demand. This is how many people are willing to pay a certain amount for a stock or currency. So if someone is willing to pay more than the previous person, the price will automatically go up. If nobody is willing to pay a certain amount at a certain time, the price will go down.

Second, both can be evaluated based on the idea behind them. A stock is based on the business behind it, and a currency is based on the idea. However, the value in both areas lies behind the idea to some extent.

So far, both have been valued in fiat currencies.

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Differences Between Cryptocurrencies and Stock Markets Market Volatility

Cryptocurrencies are very volatile compared to the traditional stock market. Cryptocurrency volatility is high. Unlike a stock exchange, a cryptocurrency has no intrinsic or material value. The only cryptocurrency that could have any tangible value would be Ethereum as it is a smart contract blockchain for other platforms. The cryptocurrency market is also easy to manipulate while the stock market is not so easy to manipulate. This leads to market fluctuations. A coin can easily increase or decrease by 100 times its initial value.

Company location and turnover

There is no such thing for most cryptocurrencies. The prices of most coins are purely based on speculation. They are not real companies with user base, revenue or assets. Almost all stocks on the market are backed by real companies with real user bases and real revenues.

Vulnerable Assets

Cryptocurrency trading requires investors to store the coins themselves. Sometimes these assets are really vulnerable as new traders are not sure how to secure their storage. There are many investors who lose their key to their storage. If the user’s cryptocurrency is stolen or lost, there is almost no chance of recovering it. On the exchange, most of the hacked assets could still be recovered.