A share is a security that is issued by a stock corporation and traded on the stock exchange.

Shares are company shares that shareholders can purchase.

Companies use shares to strengthen their equity.

This money helps them make important investments or develop new products.

It is important for newcomers to stocks to be thoroughly informed beforehand about trading stocks and the possibilities it offers. This is the only way you can make informed trading decisions and build wealth. Just like playing games in kiss918, you need to understand how the games are played.

How stock trading works

When a company goes “public”, experts use various methods to determine what “market value” it has. Depending on this, a share volume is defined and a sales price per share is set.

Once the stocks are traded on the stock exchange, stock trading is based on the principle of supply and demand. The more shares are in demand, the more their price rises. If a lot of people sell their shares, the demand is lower and the price of the share falls.

Most public companies give their shareholders a dividend. This is a percentage of the profit. The dividend is usually paid once a year. In some cases, shareholders forego a dividend and receive additional company shares in return.

Types of stock

Ordinary shares

In addition to company shares, an ordinary share also includes voting rights. The owner of the share can vote at the annual general meeting of the stock corporation how and to what extent the profit is used for further investments. The shareholder receives exactly one voting right per share.

Preference shares

In the case of preference shares, the holders waive any voting rights. In return, they are given priority in the distribution of dividends. Your dividend will typically be higher than the dividend on common stock.

Bearer shares

In this case, anyone who owns this share can exercise the rights and obligations associated with it.

Registered shares

With this class of shares, the holder of the security is entered into the stock corporation’s register of shareholders. Only the person entered in the register can exercise the rights and obligations associated with the share package. If registered shares are sold, these must also be transferred by name to the new owner.