Apprehension among stock market investors over contested election outcomes has assuaged, as stock markets began to rally along with a possible Biden victory.. Still, the naysayers assert that economic conditions in the U.S. could turn worse even if Joe Biden emerges as the winner, because a Trump- loss will result in violent reactions that could further hurt the economy.


How Trump Plans to Retain Control of the Presidency Regardless of Election Results

After preconditioning his supporters with rumors and falsehoods about mail-in voting fraud, Trump’s strategy for stealing the election became evident, Donald Trump gave truth to reports when he made premature claims of victory, even as the counting process is still ongoing. Trump’s ploy is to order the vote-counting to stop once the electoral votes reach a number in his favor, citing election fraud as the main reason. Trump’s so-called warriors are on standby to rally behind his call, should Democratic supporters come out and carry on with protest actions

While many stock investors took steps to protect their investments, the previous day’s gain has been slowly developing into growth in the stock market.

Reason Why Stock Trading is on a Roll Despite Potential Uncertainties

According to latest stock market reports, trading soared last Wednesday. Investors now feel and see that there are lot of factors to consider in realigning their investment decisions with a more positive view on the election outcomes. Whichever candidate wins means economic stimulus, be it great or small, will again infuse the much needed lifeblood to the American economy. Although a Joe Biden win would mean that a greater portion will benefit from the new stimulus fund that the Democrats have been pushing for all along. .

In the health care sector, drug companies are contributing to the large jump that has been transpiring in the S&P 500 arena. Whether a Trump or a Biden administration prevails, vaccines against COVID-19 are nearing completion of the trial and testing phases, which can only be expected to drive growth to the drug manufacturing industry.

As far as healthcare industries are concerned, including healthcare insurance companies, there are less apprehensions. Joe Biden’s healthcare plan, albeit inspired by Obamacare, has an added twist. Bidencare will give the American public the option to secure their own private healthcare insurance, or to stick to the Obamacare program,whichever health care system is deemed as the better option.

Allianz Global Investors strategist Mona Mahajan, remarked that if even the election outcome results to a political environment in which one party will have total control of Legislative and the Executive branches, the silver-lining to such an outcome is that there will be more rapid responses to economic recovery policies, being the key priority of whichever party comes into power. Nonetheless, Ms. Mahajan noted that a government running under a set of divided leaders and officials, is generally the ideal environment in which stock trading markets perform.

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