Increasing growth in revenues as results of successful ecommerce integrations have sparked interests in researching about publicly traded ecommerce stocks. However, take notice that the leading ecommerce companies have been in the business of selling goods and various innovative products since the early years when ecommerce was first introduced as a new market. Today, they still represent the ecommerce companies with the likeliest potential to offer good returns on investments.

Top Three ECommerce Companies to Consider for Stock Investments

Have awareness that stock tading or investing depends on several factors including your goals; whether for short term day trading activities or for long-term as part of a retirement scheme. Yet if you’re one of those who want to dabble into stock buying by using the fee-free stock trading platforms of online stock brokers, have a close look at the top 3 leading US-based ecommerce platforms, which you consider as your safest bets:

EBAY – a.k.a. eBay Inc. a US-based marketplace platform whose mission is to connect global sellers and buyers of any goods, including second-hand items. Listed in on the NASDAQ trading platform, eBay shows a trailing of annual revenue placed at around USD10.3 billion, while employing only 10,800 people as staff and crew. EBAY’s market capitalization totals $26,133,424,128, while its stock price has been going steady at $48.63 per share. This online marketplace shows a Price to Earning Ratio or P/E ratio: 2.5235 and a Price/Earnings to Growth (PEG) ratio of 2.4479.

AMZN or Amazon-com – A leading retail seller of consumer products and various forms of digital entertainment, Amazon. com, caters mostly to North American consumers but have branched out internationally by establishing physical warehouses and outlets in other countries.

The current AMZN share is priced at $134.95. Which last week was pegged at a lower price index of $122.28. Also listed in the NASDAQ platform its 12-month revenue trail is about USD$477.7 billion, while employing as many as 1,622,000 workers. Amazon’s has a market capitalization amounting to $1,245,550,084,096, with a P/E ratio of 60.0098 and a PEG ratio of 4.6175.

Shopify Inc. – is an ecommerce company that provides the platform and services for use of online stores based in countries like the US, Canada, Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Africa and Middle East, Shopify offers a broader range of ecommerce services including providing native mobile apps, management of product inventory, process and fulfill orders among many other processes and features for helping merchants build manage and successfully operate a web-based store.

Shopify’s latest price is steady at $34.83 while listed in the New York Stock Exchange, whilst showing a trailing of yearly revenue of about USD$4.8 billion. Shopify currently has 10,000 staff in its employ. Its market capitalization amounts $46,571,626,496, while exhibiting a P/E ratio of 284 and a negative PEG ratio of -94.58.

Apparently, ecommerce website development services during the early days, were already meticulous with details, since it was important to cultivate trust in the use of online selling platforms. Otherwise, the benefits of shifting to ecommerce would have been lost, if the buying public cannot trust online stores to deliver quality goods at reasonable prices.